Sunday, 3 May 2015

Darrell Finds A Russian Bride?

Yesterday, Darrell got an e-mail yesterday …… from Russia, …..  the writer purported to be a  lonely, single, descended lady, who addressed him as her “privet” new friend …..which Nigel pointed out was “a tough and versatile shrub that can be clipped into all kinds of interesting shapes!” which made them almost wet themselves with riotous laughter!
Anyway, it appears that Darrell’s details have found their way on to a Russian “site of marriage”, where it is has been “foretold” that Darrell is looking for  “serious relations” and after studying Darrell’s  “structure” this lady of said  Russian type origin is interested in him and as such wants to see his face!!!!
shopping in Tescofffffffffffffffffffff
Those two boys are just sooooooooo naughty, realising this it was undoubtedly a scam, they amused themselves for the rest of the afternoon trying to find a suitable picture of Darrell for“Marina” – a most romantic name!
……. what are they like?????  
And then, they decided to ask “Marihuana” if she had a friend ……
 NigelMost Handsome Man in the World
…… who might be interested in Nigel, and sent a few photos of him too, for good measure!
063A face only a mother could love
Sometimes I just despair!!!!


Mr.D said...

I took Russian lessons in Kazakhstan - Привет means Hi or Hello.
There was a teacher who was called Marina. It was also a terrible car in the 1970s.

PharmacyMichele said...

Oh dear-poor Nigel, hope he doesn't end up disappointed if the boys send his picture into the dating website.


Anonymous said...

Holey Moley!!! ..what a laugh this is!!.... perhaps the next step would be a story of woe as this damsel desperately needs a mere 1,000 Uk pounds to save her legacy and a loan from you would be rewarded with hundreds of thousands of UK pounds or euros ..... NAH!..too fanciful.... handsome charming Darrell is the prize ....all good for a day of falling down laughter!!... Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh Boyzie Boyzie Boyz!!! JantheFan x