Friday, 15 May 2015

More Emotion BUT Eased Slightly By A Smorgasbord Of Feastage!!!!!

All the other admin staff gathered together in our office yesterday to give Darrell, Nigel and I a small mid-morning soiree of a Bon Voyage To Evesham type nature. It was emotional ……. but there was a slight air of  romance …. with strewn balloons and a plethora of banners.
There was also a very ample sufficiency of buffet type comestibles……..
……. which helped divert some of the attention away from said emotion ….. even Nigel was distracted by a cocktail sausage or two  …….
…… the odd Pringle, a vegetarian option cheesy roll and assorted savoury coated nuts, not to mention chocolate brownies, carrot cake and chocolate chip Hob Nobs!!!
There was also a platter of melon and pineapple and several boxes of grapes in homage to our stringent and renowned 5 a day regime.
There were cards …….
IMG_0200…….. and presents ……… it was hard to take it all in …..
…….. and then Nigel surprised everyone by making a most wonderful speech, recounting his many happy memories of working in school and our most fortunate trips abroad, to The Czech Republic, Rome, Pompeii and Sorrento and finally Iceland…… and then thanked everyone for all their good wishes by inviting them all to stay with us to Evesham when we are eventually settled, at which point I felt the need to perhaps gag him ………. but he did do us proud!  Poor Darrell on the other hand was rendered incapable of anything, and had to have his buffet put in a Tupperware box for later when his power of swallowing finally returned!
We have one more day to go ……… I am not sure if Darrell will be able to get through it!!!!


Mr.D said...

As the Bard wrote: "Parting is such sweet sorrow."
What a wonderful send off.
You will be missed very much.

Anonymous said...

A fantastic buffet for this special day filled with many emotions ..... thank goodness for chocolate brownies,carrot cake and chocolate chip Hob Nobs ....chocolate has saved the day many times when we are overwhelmed..... so many wonderful memories and friendships to go with you on your new adventures in Evesham...Love, Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Wow-lovely cards & the buffet looks yummy. Good for Nigel making his speech-start of a new career?!


Anonymous said...

Oh boyz - I hate goodbyes...........sob. But the food looked tasty! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

I want Hob Nobs!
Mum will be missed very much too.
Great dino outfit by the way.