Saturday, 23 May 2015

To Quote Rod Stewart ….. Tonight’s The Night

We are now firmly ensconced with Hugh, chez Chateau De Chic-Kin Coup, and it’s all quite wonderful, we had a choice of smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels or Eggs Benedict for breakfast, we all had both!!!!!  ……. AND tonight is indeed is the night ……
On Thursday night we very much enjoyed the second Eurovision semi final …… and now after standing so firm to our conviction since March think that maybe Sweden could run away with it  (although we still very much like the romantic and manly qualities of Italy’s entry)…… but, what do we know?
Darrell, aided and abetted by Nigel, also used the time productively, although he has done his own running commentary on past Eurovision nights, he  wanted to work out how to send Tweets to the official BBC Eurovision Twitter Feed ……. make his comments more “official” as it were ………..and he managed it!!!!
He even had one of his comments favourited ……. which made him soooooo proud!
It would look a bit rude for Darrell to comment too much tonight, as we are, after all,  guests chez Hugh …… but if he does, Darrell has promised to make them poignant and apposite!!!  What is he like?????


Mr.D said...

I'm sure you will have a Eurovisual night to remember.

PharmacyMichele said...

Darrell & Nigel are very clever working out how to Tweet! Sounds like you are all having a fabulous few days away.


Anonymous said...

Looks like things are going into high gear at chez Hugh......lucky you with that wonderful breakfast.... Darrell will be keeping things hopping with his tweets! ....Dianne