Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Not The Best Trip Out Of Choice ………

Twenty four hours on there has still been no sign of Andy’s fish ….. so Lucy thought it might be a good idea to distract Nigel by taking him to a garden centre ……. at first all went well, as the aforementioned garden centre has a most excellent cafe and Nigel can always been distracted by milkshake and blueberry muffin and the odd novelty terracotta pot  …….
…….. but, unfortunately, Lucy had confused her garden centres and had completely forgotten that the one they were at had a water feature section (agggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!), and as you know, water is something that Nigel is intrinsically drawn too and before Lucy could suggest going to look at the Venus Flytraps instead or feign an oncoming headache, Nigel had spotted one of the features in the aforementioned water features section …….
…….. becoming totally hypnotised by a very large and very expensive faux cave with multifunctional waterfall features,  enthusing that this was the sort of thing that could “subtly” enhance a dull corner in Castle Greysquirrels’ grounds ……… leaving Lucy to slowly shake her head in quiet despair at Nigel’s erm…… lack of taste  ……. and knowing that the fish section was all but round the corner ……………. and before she knew it ……. Nigel had worked his way over to the giant tanks of fish …….
…….. and thoughts of how/why our beloved fish had mysteriously disappeared, with conspiracy theories abound, was it an alien abduction,  had we been  burgled solely for our fish, the perpetrators tunnelling under the castle to get to them,  after previously spotting them from a helicopter, while we were at work, or was there a humungous, hungry cat roaming wild in the neighbourhood???????????There had been quite enough emotion at home for Lucy to cope with, what with our leaving work and Lucy trying to study for  her hard exams ….. so quick action was now required …….and I am afraid Lucy resorted to musing  that they had left the Lemon Drizzle Cake and Rocky Road unsampled, and so go stale) in the cafe ……. what is she like?


Mr.D said...

Aliens taking fish as the intelligent life on Earth?

Anonymous said...

It is a "no brainer" a faux cave with a waterfall would capture Nigel's heart!.....Rocky Road anything captures mine ....this is turning into a mystery of the most mysterious kind!....poor Nigel, faced with the sight of all those carefree happy little fish swimming back and forth in their tank ....the plot thickens and unraveling it all won't be easy.....Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Nigel certainly has a vivid imagination! I hope the mention of cake distracted him away from the fish + the water features.