Friday, 8 May 2015

Election Day 2015

Darrell and I made sure we were up really early and ready for the opening of our village Polling Station, with matters of such great national importance it would have been rude not to be there on time!
I admit that I had a restless night, the responsibility of the future of our country lying heavily upon my shoulders and no doubt on Darrell’s too.
I made sure our polling cards were in order and then Darrell and I headed across the road to the church hall to do of which our country expected of us.
I think we were the first there …….
……. and with phones switched off, we went inside to cast our votes.  By that time I was fairly sure where my crosses were going to go so I was in and out quite quickly ……. but I am afraid, that in the end, I went back to Nigel and my breakfast, leaving Darrell still deliberating, …..
……… twenty seven minutes and thirty three seconds later he emerged triumphant, but saying that The Poll Master General had muttered, a little testily, that if everyone took as much time as he had there could be the danger of queues  building up and then possible ensuing crowd control issues ……but you know Darrell, he can’t be hurried in matters of great import!!!!


Mr.D said...

No matter who you vote for, the government always wins?
Unless it is a hung parliament?

PharmacyMichele said...

I'm sure the great new leader that emerges today will be thankful that Darrell and his careful, considered vote!


Anonymous said...

You can relax now that you did your duty .....poor Darrell..... not knowing which way to go can be so stressful!.... whatever the results, one way or another, you can celebrate Princess Charlotte!...Dianne

Anonymous said...

Goodness what a day it's been too!!! Not what the country expected me thinks! JantheFan x