Sunday, 10 May 2015

Very Homes And Gardens

Perhaps our 10,000BC Cavemen and Dinosaur theme party wasn’t the most romantic of said themes, but …… I don’t think the grounds of Castle Greysquirrel has ever looked quite so romantic, thanks to Darrell, with a little de rigueur advice from Hugh via Skype from his Worcester Country Pile  …..
…… all styled, they tell me on “Zee New Opulent Caveman!”, a new growing revivalist trend in London, according to Hugh, who should know!
“Ooou is not to say zat zee big, ‘airy cavemen did not pick zee wild flowers for zere caves!” Hugh had argued “….and crocheted zee soft furnishings with zee coloured vine tendrils with zee old bones. Zee caveman, ‘e was in touch with ‘is feminine side, no?”
I have to admit, despite my reservations, that under Hugh’s expert tutorage Darrell had done a brilliant job, “All zat ‘ard work at Zee London Palladium when I was juste starting out, it did zee business no?” said Hugh. 
It all looked soooooooo very robustly lovely that Nigel couldn’t help but keep popping out to just look and sigh and make sure it was all still there ……imagining what it would look like when it was full of marauding cavemen and dinosaurs, feasting on our roasted pterodactyl (which, sadly, in all our busyness, we forgot to photograph!!!)


Mr.D said...

Marauding cavemen and Raquel Welch in her bikini? Sounds great.

Anonymous said...

It's all looking good boyz - for the best party bash of the year. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

My, it all looks wonderful! did a fab job creating that lovely setting for your may very well be setting
a new de rigueur trend! ..... pterodactyl roast is a new eating adventure to me but does seem just the thing for cavemen (and cavewomen)..... Happy party time..Dianne


PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-the garden looks fantastic, all decorated ready for the party. Hope there wasn't too much mees to clear up afterwards.