Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Nigel Has Dreams Of Fiona Bruce And The Antiques Roadshow ……

Nigel has found more treasure on the way to work ……..
…… and this time he is absolutely and unshakeably convinced that this is “the real thing”
…… a ancient ring, that fell from the bony finger of a vanquished medieval baron lord, clad in full armour,  as he mounted his horse ….. lost for the ensuing centuries, until re-found, outside the Barclay’s Bank, in our village, by Nigel!!!!
He is convinced that the mysterious and  romantic symbols on it are the key to it’s history ……..
……. and a reason to take it to the Antiques Roadshow, where Fiona Bruce (who he has a bit of a crush on) will become totally entranced by it (and him) and whip him to the nearest expert to have it identified and valued as almost definitely priceless!
I don’t like to burst the little fella’s bubble, but if I thought for one minute that his find had any sort of monetary value or history I would certainly feel duty bound to take it and him straight to the nearest police station to have it claimed as Habeas Corpus and Non Potest Rex Gratiam Facere Cum Injuria Et Damno Aliorumand,  and only when, if it isn’t claimed in the allotted time, he can consider any sort of encounter with said Fiona Bruce!


PharmacyMichele said...

Wow-Nigel has amazing luck finding treasures. If he manages to sell it the cash could go towards the house move, or he could just keep it as a reminder when you have moved.


Anonymous said...

Hope Nigel can triumph with this find! .....looks interesting.... could anyone in charge at the police station possibly resist that face and his ardent wishes, hopes, and dreams? ....like Fiona a lot but have a soft spot for Michael on the older shows .....yesterday was a repeat of the Wightwick Manor/ Wolverhampton show.....Good Luck, Nigel! ..... Dianne

Mr.D said...

The little chap can hope.