Wednesday, 20 May 2015

A New Outlet For Nigel’s Talents?

POND WATCH - Still no sightings of any fish in our pond!
With the Eurovision Song Contest, the televisual highlight of our year all but a few short days away, we really cannot predict how we (the UK) are going to fair with Electro Velvet (who no one has ever heard of before) and our song Still In Love With You, but, if past years are anything to go by and despite our usually un-crushable optimism, we are a touch pessimistic with regards to our chances of being crowned the victors of the coveted title!!
However, Nigel has already been giving some serious thought to our 2016 entry, after spotting a very interesting poster in one of the shop windows in the village …….
…… perhaps being inspired or indeed “facilitated” by the very romantic, yet manly sounding, Chuck Micallef, he could “source out his unique personal centres of inspiration” ……….
………. to go on to trying  to write/compose next years song, especially now that his mind isn’t constantly full of sauces and their rotation, and ……. thinking even further ahead, if the UK didn’t like his song, he could always offer it to another Eurovision country, where perhaps it might sound even better in a foreign language …… I am not sure just how musical Nigel actually is, but who am I to erm…….. rain on his parade?


Mr.D said...

Nigel singing next year?
Sounds great.

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-only just left one career and now thinking of a totally different one!! Good luck Nigel.


Anonymous said...

Wow! one never knows what could be nurtured by Chuck.... Nigel's own unique personal centres of inspiration might be harboring a winner! .....Nigel's depths have yet to be fully explored.......where are those fish and what have they been up to?...Dianne