Thursday, 14 May 2015

Poor Nigel …… The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Leaving Has Begun…….

Oh dear ……… I think yesterday heralded the start of the emotional rollercoaster of our leaving. 
Alex, Nigel’s bestest friend in the Sixth Form, who has always made sure that he has been safe over the past few years, who can forget his hard hat and hi- viz vest? …… came to say goodbye and good luck! It was …… Emotional, with a capital E.  Alex had bought a card and a present, but although Nigel had opened both it was all too much for him to take in, and poor Alex, I am afraid, was left with a very, very, very damp and snotty cuff. 
Alex is leaving on the same day as us, so double the emotion really, to do her A Levels, and …….. if all goes to plan and she gets all her *A and A’s she will be going to Cambridge, one of the cleverest and most romantic universities in England to read Geography ……. we like to think that it was something to do with sharing our wonderful Icelandic adventures last year that swayed her subject of choice …… all those romantic waterfalls, geysers and volcanoes ……. ahhhhhhh the memories!!!Nigel promised with all his heart to keep in touch with Alex as he is now, he said, getting to grips with “sociable mediation”  …… he also promised to watch University Challenge every week just in case Alex was on it, answering geographical questions that could only make him go crossed eyed with wonderment!When Nigel arrived back home he was just about composed enough to show us the card Alex had written us …….
Let’s just say, we all filled up, despite Darrell’s and my robustly wanting to spare Nigel any more tears for the rest of the day at least ……
……. but when we looked at the mahoooooosive notebook Alex had also bought us to record all our further adventures ….. and found the bookplate, Nigel had missed …….
Well, that was it …… the floodgates were well and truly open ……….
The next few days are not going to be easy ……….
Thank goodness the Eurovision Song Contest is on the horizon, something for all of us to try and focus on within all this emotional!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Alex sounds like a superstar!
Good luck in your exams.

P.S. Nigel - they don't do GCSEs in sauce rotation.

PharmacyMichele said...

Oh dear-so much emotion. The notebook was a beautiful gift, perhaps it could be used as a scrapbook to contain memories & photos of your time spent at the school.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear - you have gone all out of focus here - I can't think why - off to find the tissues - think I might have a bit of grit in one of them. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

oh goodness, what a tribute with those lovely words and special gift from Alex; never to be forgotten ....overwhelming emotion does fit these moments as you bravely go forward..... moistness and a lump in the throat here as wanting only the happiest of days for your future ...friends and the best of memories will be with you ...thinking of you, Dianne

marc said...

Alex sounds a great girl or should one say young lady she has class and style and i am sure she will do well as she travels on to new things we wish her well and hope all good things come her way big showbiz wave and air kiss Hugh and big love marc