Monday, 25 May 2015

Hugh’s….. Erm …. Uniquely Unique Birthday Present From Us

Before we came away to stay with Hugh the issue of what to get him for his birthday had been a very pithy issue for us, because, as you know Hugh is the man with almost three of everything!!!!
However, after much debate, none too heated, we all decided that Hugh’s gift  should  be something of a comestible nature, because that’s what we do best ……
….. and would incorporate a vast amount of confectionary ….. well, it would be rude not too …….
…… because, although Hugh is very partial to confectionary he often has to abstain for up to two weeks before a TV appearance or photoshoot as …….  “zee camera ‘as zee nasty ‘a bit off putting on zee three stones on zee ‘ips!” according to Hugh!!!  But our stay with Hugh was a special time for us all, so what better reason to indulge!!!!
So, before we left for the sunny climes of Worcester, Darrell and Nigel got down and chocolaty and made Hugh a mahooooooosive Castle Greysquirrel Rocky Road Special ….. something we doubt very much Hugh partakes in round at “Simone Cowelles” or “Elt and Dave’s”on a Saturday Night!
I think things may have got a little out of hand when Nigel decided the mix could take a few more marshmallows and Maltesers ……. which was then followed by some very noisy sampling noises, as they made sure that their “creation” was par excellence! And the final touch? A very robust sprinkling of chocolate stars ………
…… what else would you expect for a Birthday Boy who lives the showbiz life dans Notting Hill!!!!   It looked very nom, nom, nom.   Obviously, a full review will follow ….. well, not to would look very remiss, wouldn’t it??????  We have now secreted this delicacy safe, decanted into a Tupperware box, in our room,  ready for Hugh's big day, we can hardly wait!


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm......yummmmmmmy scrummmmmmmy Boyz. I'm sure Hugh will be stunned by such a culinary deliousness. Great British Bake Off contestants, eat your hearts out. JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Nomtastic - my mouth is watering.
You are all stars in my eyes.

PharmacyMichele said...

Ooooh-that creations looks delicious !
Can't wait to hear everyone's verdict.


Anonymous said...

A Rocky Road masterpiece for sure!..... those stars are the perfect finishing touch .......looks delicious and what a super surprise for Hugh.....Dianne