Wednesday, 6 May 2015

What Does The En-Trend, De Rigueur, 10,000BC Cavemen and Dinosaur Party Host Wear?

Darrell and Nigel are presently totally consumed by the tangible and overwhelmingly palpable excitement of what to wear for our 10,000BC Caveman or Dinosaur themed leaving soiree!
Darrell has finally decided to air his tiger onsie (from last Christmas) to become a sabre tooth tiger, at no extra expense.  
Nigel has announced that he wants to reconnect with his inner caveman type nature …… so it’s pretty obvious that a caveman outfit will be the order of the day  …….
………however, I have chosen to turn a deliberate deaf ear to his constant questioning as to what a caveman would wear to keep his “never regions” warm, and have told him firmly to do some research on the internet!!!
I, myself have gone for a much more subtle and practical approach and found myself a very acceptable and appropriate dinosaur t-shirt in the local charity shop for 50p which I have to admit to being pretty chuffed with.I plan to team it up with the “balalava” balaclava Alex and her mum made for me when Nigel and I went on our Icelandic adventures last year with the A Level Geographers. It will be an homage to the Geological features that dinosaurs would have been familiar with and had to live with during dinosaur times.
With our costumes now more or less sorted ….. apart from Nigel’s  “pants” there is still much to organise …… like a select comestible buffet!


Mr.D said...

An homage to Raquel Welch in her bikini?

Anonymous said...

What wonderful and absolutely perfect choices .... that super balalava balaclava is the perfect accessory.....Nigel does have a problem finding an authentic under garment....bit tricky though.... I've never thought about that issue! ....this is so exciting!.... Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-such great outfits. I wish Nigel luck in his difficult decision re undergarments. I guess we should be glad he's not wearing a kilt!


Anonymous said...

Oh boyz - it is a delight to rummage through your wardrobe with you. Monkey looks devilishly handsome in his balalikaclava. JantheFan x