Thursday, 17 December 2015

A Most WONDERFUL And Unexpected Reunion!!!

Yesterday, Darrell received a most wonderful and totally unexpected text message .......
The PE Lady and her mum, The PE Lady's Mum, were just happening to be shopping in Evesham and they wondered if we might like to meet up for a cheeky hot chocolate and a catch up.
Well, we just had enough time to write a Christmas card for them and then had our coats on and were out of the door before you could say "We do!". We hadn't seen the PE Lady since we left work and we had missed her.
On our way, we decided to pop into our Evesham confectionery shop of choice to buy a couple of bags of Evesham sweets as a small fairing present and then hurried to our hot chocolate rendezvous to wait excitedly!
It was an emotional reunion ....... but it was also as if we had never been apart, we never stopped talking, there was so much to catch up on, the PE Lady's new job doing volunteering, her new chiropractor, the PE Lady's mums new tooth implant which sounded like something out of a science fiction film and all our new life, Baby Iris and our plans to move to Evesham next year, plus, of course, all the news of our mutual friends we'd left behind  ....... and time flew by far too quickly.
There was even a small present for us, the PE Lady and her mum have been knitting again, this time little Christmas pudding cosies for Rerrero Rocher chocolates ..... they had made over 370 of them in total in aid of their charity of choice ......
...... and they had made one for us ....... it was so beautiful, we all oooooooo'ed and ahhhhhh'ed.
Darrell said it was a good job Hugh hadn't seen them because he would have undoubtedly bought every single one of them for all his showbiz friends.
Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye amid a flurry of teary hugs and kisses, there was Christmas shopping to be done, and more than likely, a few more balls of wool to be bought!.
We promised that we wouldn't leave it so long before our next meeting and as the PE Lady's Mum told us that she had already started on her knitted Easter Chicks that conceal a Cadbury cream egg upon their person, we decided to put in our order in now, rather than be left wanting.  It was a very happy occasion ..... and we all agreed that our new lives are much busier (and happier) since we all gave in work for new adventures ............


Mr.D said...

What a wonderful surprise.
PE lady and her mum!

PharmacyMichele said...

What a lovely surprise, perfect antidote to all the rushing around. Love the Xmas pudding cover.


Dianne said...

Christmas joy abounds with this wonderful visit from the one and only PE Lady and her super talented Mum! .....the best of times to make your day (or week).... Mum's beautiful creations never fail to bring a smile as well as amaze and delight......lovely special time......Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh isn't it lovely to meet up with 'old' friends. Merry Christmas to PE Lady and her mum! JantheFan x