Sunday, 20 December 2015

Nigel Finally Finds His Festive Evesham Window of Awe And Wonder

Yes, Nigel has finally found his Festive Evesham Shop Window of Awe and Wonder, and it was right under our noses, on the road between the railway station and the town centre.
It's the Barber Shop window and it was the sight of Father Christmas sign hanging up high next to the Barbers Pole and a plethora of coloured lights round the facade that made it look very promising  ......
But, it has to be said that Nigel approached the window with not a little trepidation. What if it promised much from a distance but didn't deliver the desired level of tinglyness, forcing Nigel to continue his search, with a dwindling number of shops left to explore!
But ......lets just say, it did deliver, it delivered in buckets and spades of pure magic,against a wonderful layered background of faux snow and tinsel ..... Nigel was immediately spell bound and totally captivated ......
It may not have had a much beloved knitted Nativity type feature, but what it did have, certainly made up for it.
There was a illuminated and automated Ferris Wheel set amidst a Christmas village of houses, buildings, a skating rink and people going about their festive business.
All along the top there was a row of solar powered Christmas characters of every description from elves, to snowmen and reindeer to Santas, all waving and nodding their heads for all their might.

There were also two Naughty and Nice Elves in the corner, plus a large Father Christmas bearing gifts, what looked like a magical haunted tree, a Christmas tree laden with tinsel and snowflakes on the window pane, in fact there was so much, it was hard to take it all in, I think I will have to send Darrell back to take some more pictures, as I am sure there was a mouse and other things somewhere, and then, you will also get a feel for its full glory!
Suffice to say, if we can't find Nigel at anytime during our days in Evesham, I think it will be safe to guess where he is ....... Nigel has found his Festive Evesham Window of Awe and Wonder at last, and it is pretty wonderful  ..... Happy Happy Days!!!


Mr.D said...

A superb window. An impressive frontage. How does it compare to Motor World?

PharmacyMichele said...

Nigel's patience has paid off- what a brilliant window display.


Dianne said...

Hooray!... Christmas window decorations of awe and wonder are alive and well in everything about that window and it is truly a worthy successor to Motor World! ....must be said, the knitted nativity is assured a place in the Christmas Decorations Hall of Fame and will always hold a place in the hearts of much to enjoy in that wonderful new window!......Dianne

Mr.D said...

What an excellent window, flashing lights and all.
I hope Santa doesn't flash, in the wrong sort of way.
Do you know why the barber's pole is red and white? It isn't because he supports Sunderland.

Dianne said...

Aw, Mr. D, I do know why the pole is red and white.....harkens back to the day when blood letting was an accepted medical procedure .....barbers did perform that as well as doctors.....thank goodness that was long ago history...Dianne