Thursday, 24 December 2015

It’s Christmas Eve …….

It’s finally here! It’s Christmas Eve and the excitement chez Castle Greysquirrel is almost unbearably tangible and palpable. I fear Nigel, as per usual, might burst, so, as we are back home for Christmas, I sent him to look at the extra additions I noticed that have been made to MotorWorld’s window just to get a few minutes peace!
Now on one side of the knitted nativity there’s a Santa in a car of a vintage type nature, complete with fluffy dice and the village hostelry to be seen in the background.
And, on the other side is another Santa, which, I have to say, looks just a little bit suspect, sat on a bike, with a slightly dubious accomplice, who I presume is Rudolph, dans goggles.
However, I am certain that once more the title and trophy for the Best Dressed Christmas Window in the Village is assured ……..
……. or Nigel will make sure that questions are asked in Parliament and on Question Time!
Nigel was gone for quite a while, just gazing, and drinking in the awe and wonder of the most magical night of the year, returning to help hang up our stockings ……
….. and arrange a snack for Father Christmas, Rudolph and the other reindeer on a tray, to be left in the dining room …… carrots for the reindeer and a couple of boxes of Mr Kiplings cakes for Father Christmas, to take with him just in case he can’t fit them in during his visit, plus a couple of cans of the local Banks’s Beer.
Then, as the light begins to fade on Christmas Eve, as is our tradition, we will light our lantern in the garden, each lost in our thoughts and memories of those special people who won’t be with us again this Christmas ………
It’s hard to believe how many Christmas’s have gone by since Andy left us …… and it’s at Christmas when we seem to miss him a little more than usual and feel a little lost and alone ……
…… which is why Nigel went to check on precious Andy’s fish, to tell him they were still OK and doing well, and who, despite the fading light, came up to check on Nigel too.
On that note ……. may we wish you all a Mahooooooosive and Robustly Happy Christmas ….. and will hopefully see you in the morning, amidst much excitement, when hopefully someone special will have paid us a visit!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Those fluffy dice are huge in relation to the size of the car. P.C. Plod may have a word about this.
Rudolf dans goggles.
Santa sans goggles.
Nigel avec giggles?

Mr.D said...

P.S. You are a bit premature for Christmas Eve for Dianne and me. It is shortly after 6pm on the 23rd as I type.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Boys. Have a good one. Love Karen and Monkeys x

PharmacyMichele said...

Nigel is very generous with his edible gifts for Father Christmas. I like your idea of the lantern, lovely gesture.

I hope Nigel is ably to sleep tonight & doesn't get too excited.

Merry Christmas & a very happy New Year to you all.

Dianne said...

Do love the Santa in a vintage car addition to MotorWorld, but not to sure about that (questionable) Santa and Rudolph .....MotorWorld's window perfection requires careful thought about any additions ......your beautiful lights will be shining bright to all those who can't be there ......may the stars twinkle and shine bringing peace to Castle Greysquirrel..... on this Christmas Eve (my FAVOURITE holiday time), sending Happy Christmas wishes to all as you await Santa's visit....Love, Dianne

Karen Dodgson said...

I'm sure Santa will be visiting you all tonight, I think you are on the very top of his 'nice' list.
Thank you for sharing all your adventures with us. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas, and a New Year full of lots of exciting new adventures xxxxx