Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Mr Kipling Frosty Fancies

What better way to start the festive season than a review of a seasonal comestible treat, to wit one or two Mr Kipling Frosty Fancies ….. as Darrell said, “Tis a festive no brainer ….. especially when they are only £1 a box from the village Tesco Express! ……. it would look rude not too!”
Mr Kipling Frosty FanciesWell, who were Nigel and I to disagree? So a box of said Frosty Fancies was duly purchased for our considered delectation.
Let’s just say they DID NOT disappoint!
IMG_7026We found the description on the pack to be very accurate, the Fancies were dainty, the topping was a very romantic vanilla flavour and as described, hidden beneath a soft icing …… and they were indeed a very lovely, delicious snowy treat ……. except for the “snowy” bit, there was no actual snow of a wintery falling from the sky type nature, that, we think, was a little comestible artistic licence ……….
IMG_7029…… however, this did not effect in any way, shape or form, the end result of our tasting, namely a plate of empty (and largely licked) cake wrappers!
IMG_7030Yes, Mr Kipling Frosty Fancies ticked all our festive cake boxes, and for this, we awarded them a very robust 100 out of 88 Ho Ho Hos and Chorus of Jingle Bells on our Richter Scale of Christmas Noms!
IMG_7024And ….. the packaginghas  left us with a small mystery ….. on the bottom of the box it says “3 French Hens” and “3 French Hens” are also illustrated at the top ……
8 Frosty Fancies Mr Kipling…… should we perhaps be looking for other boxes of similar sweetmeats to complete the song ……. Darrell is on the case, and will return with answers soon!!!


Mr.D said...

They look exceedingly good.
The three French hens could be an intriguing marketing ploy.
Ho hum.

Anonymous said...

Boyz you always seem to find the most exciting and yummy yum yum treats to try! Will watch out for these as I saunter down the festive aisles singing, Oh I Wish it could be Christmas everyday ay ay ay. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Could there be a more perfect name for a Christmas treat than Frosty Fancies?. definitely not!!!....Given their nom scale of deliciousness, Mr. Kipling can be forgiven for the snowy reference..Christmas confectionary season is underway!!....Dianne
PS keep forgetting to report Royal Mail arrived safely

PharmacyMichele said...

I'm thinking the Mr Kipling is trying to get you to eat 12 boxes of festive fancies so you can find all the lines to the Christmas carol?! Good luck!!!


Pamela said...

Oh how very, very spooky! Guess what I've just nommed on before opening your blog? I agree with your comments - they are just so lovely.