Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Hugh’s Very Fleeting Visit

Sadly, over breakfast, after a most fabbbbbuuuuuulous Duvet Day followed by an evening full of robust laughter, Hugh announced, between mouthfuls of Darrell’s most delicious apres duvet bacon sandwiches, that this could “…..only be zee most fleeting of zee fleeting visits, no” ………
……… sadly he had to return to London as he had been booked for several interviews for New Years Eve and New Years Day, including a TV interview giving his advice on what the New Year reveller should be wearing whilst waiting for Big Ben to chime us into 2016, and getting out of it and the others was “… zee mission impossible!”, and at that point he got a little emotional.
However, once composed, he said that he had a couple of tiny things in his bag for us, to help keep him in our thoughts, as we saw in the New Year. Knowing how much we very much appreciate the odd cheeky cocktail now and again, he had bought us a bottle of Curacao because, he said “I know zat you like zee things of a romantic type nature no, and I sink zat you will find zee blue colour just too intoxicatingly romantic for zee words no!”  I have to be honest, we all sighed at the blue colour, it was indeed VERY romantic! Hugh had also added some equally romantic maraschino cherries and a huge box of cocktail stirrers, straws and cocktail novelties to his gift, we were ……. overcome!
….. and, well yes, it would have been rude not to have made a cocktail or two before Hugh’s driver arrived to pick him up ……
Hugh said that his New Years Resolution for 2016 was to pop in and see us more, what with one thing and another we seemed to have seen less of each other in 2015 than in previous years. We have a feeling that the coming year, will be even busier …… but we raised our glasses, several times, it has to be said  ……. holding Hugh’s sentiments close to our hearts……….
…… followed by a long and and emotional goodbye …….
…… before there was a loud beep outside ……
…… and Hugh was gone ……….
…….. as quickly as he had arrived, but it was still all very wonderful, no matter how fleeting ……..


Mr.D said...

Hopefully you will see Hugh very soon, while there is still some Curaçao left.
You could made some interesting-coloured drinks with that blue liqueur.

PharmacyMichele said...

What a lovely gift from Hugh- you could make a different cocktail every night as a tribute to him!


Dianne said...

Those cocktails are the beautifully made and concern, Hugh will always return to spend time with his best of friends bringing his zest and sparkle to share as well the best of times and much laughter.......Dianne