Saturday, 12 December 2015

Nigel Looks For A New Favourite Shop Window In Evesham– But It’s Harder Than I Anticipated!!!!

Nigel is so very fond of “his” MotorWorld knitted nativity window …. and it will be a sad day when it is put away this year, because it might be the last time Nigel will see it …….. I know, I know, it’s a terrible thought and hard to stifle your sniffs at this very moment, but try!!! So, to try and soften the blow a little I suggested to Nigel that he might like to go window spotting in Evesham to see if there is anywhere that might come close to some of MotorWorld’s awe and wonder for him, that perhaps he could look forward to seeing again next year.
IMG_7300So bless him, that’s what he has been doing. Some are very pretty and colour co-ordinated, but that’s not really Nigel …….
IMG_7301……. and this train is very, very lovely too, but just missing that certain je ne sais pas to match that chutzpah knittedness!
IMG_7316Evesham’s equivalent to our village bike shop has cute penguins en famille in snowy landscaped scene …. but it didn’t really make Nigel want to press his nose up the the window, sigh and linger.
IMG_7274And, I am afraid this one window  just gave Nigel the willies …. with it’s strange armed Christmas pudding …..
IMG_7276…….. laid back (or dare I say, inebriated) elf ………
IMG_7278And on the other side …….
IMG_7283…… Santa had some very strange and dare I say creepy things coming out of his sack!
IMG_7279I know that Nigel does like some pretty odd things at times, but despite his general ruffty tuffty image, he’s all about the aghhhhh factor at Christmas.
He came back to Snake Mountain a little despondent, but I told him to keep looking (fingers crossed I hadn’t set him a fools mission) …….  adding that you never know what treasures could just be around the corner!


marc said...

those windows are scary they need crafty mums touch big love marc

Mr.D said...

I'm sure Nigel will find something wonderful.

PharmacyMichele said...

Ah-poor Nigel, I hope he is still excited about Christmas ???!!!


Dianne said...

Hmmmmmm, this is going to be tricky; all Nigel needs is one display to capture his heart......Motor World's nativity has charm and Christmas Spirit that is hard to beat.....My oh my, Evesham does have some unusual Christmas displays ....keep looking, Nigel!.....Dianne