Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A Present From America

We had a very exciting parcel arrive Chez Castle this morning.  As soon as we saw the handwriting and the labels we immediatly knew it was from Dianne, our beloved friend and daily commentor, who lives in romantic and orange filled Florida. 
We opened the box very carefully, the anticipation that was robustly tangible and palpable filled the kitchen. Inside was three beautifully wrapped packages, each with one of our names on. I have to admit that there was a little curious “feeling” to try and guess what might be inside, but, it was only a very little bit, before they were carefully secreted beneath the Christmas tree until the BIG day, peeping is strictly verboten as far as presents is concerned in this house!
There were, however, two envelopes that we thought it would be safe to open, one contained the longest Christmas card we have ever seen ……
……… and is now resplendant on our festive windowsill.
In the other envelope we found a Christmas dream catcher which was soooooo romantic we all became a little lost in our festive thoughts …….
……… wondering which of our festive dreams, good or bad,  it would capture. 
With the writing of our letters to Father Christmas firmly on our minds Darrell took it upstairs and hung it on our festive bedpost ……..
We are now home from Evesham for the holidays and it really is  …….”beginning to look a lot like Christmas”!!!


Mr.D said...

Are you "dreaming of a white Christmas?"
There won't be one here in Mexico or fairly nearby in Florida, "The Sunshine State."

PharmacyMichele said...

WOW-that's a stunner of a card! I'm looking forward to hearing what gifts you have been sent.


Dianne said...

Hooray! the US mail delivered on time!....(you wouldn't believe the mail horror stories our family has had with US Mail)....very pleased to know you like the card; my very best wishes are sent with it......Mr. D, oh so right; we are scheduled for 87F Christmas day....record temperatures for us this week......Christmas is coming!!.....Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh it's all getting very exciting indeedy! JantheFan x