Tuesday, 29 December 2015

The BEST Duvet Day Ever

Yesterday we decided that it should be our annual festive Duvet Day, except with a snugly blanket, to come down from all Christmas brouhaha  …… well, we’d only just settled down on the settee for an epic Homes Under The Hammer fest, when there was a knock on the door ………

…….. we couldn’t believe it, it was Hugh, he said he'd managed to snatch bit of time off from his hectic showbiz schedule because,'eee 'ad zee great yearning to be with us!!  OMG!

When we explained we were having a Duvet Day except with our snugly blanket, that was it, he just snuggled on down with us too …… “Zis is sooooooooooo much fun" he sighed "I sink zat we must look like zat old picture of zee three old queens no, all snuggled up like zis!!!!” ........
NPG P200; Queen Elizabeth II; Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother; Princess Margaret……. “I would ‘ave worn my old pearls if I ‘ad known!” What, is he like?
Hugh regaled us with tales of all the showbiz parties he had been to, all zee showbiz gossip and laughing about some of zee awful outfits some people had worn …… “Some people, zay have nooooooo taste no? All zee showing of zee latest tatooey sing, I do not like zem, pah! ….. And when will zay understand zat to ‘ave zee little mystery about zee body is zee good sing, no? You do not have to put it all on zee plate, like zee dogs dinner,  I ave seen enough of zee boobies to last me for zee life time!” he chuckled. “And all zee time I am doing zee parties, I am really sinking zat I want to be with you guys being simple and real, no!”
With that we broke open the celebratory Maltesers, with an added bowl of grapes to balance out the lack of vitamin C and in between Hugh’s festive anecdotes we forwent our planned Houses Under The Hammer and caught up on a few films we had meant to see, but never seemed to have the time.
It was the best Duvet Day except with a snugly blanket we have ever, ever, ever had, we are not sure how exactly long Hugh can stay, it would be rude to ask, but it was so lovely to all be together again we knew that we needed to embrace every single second!


Mr.D said...

Just a perfect day.
Did you drink sangria, in a park or otherwise?

PharmacyMichele said...

What a fantastic surprise!!! Sounds like you all had a perfect day-catching up on the gossip & chilling out.


Dianne said...

Looks like one of the best days ever!......a cozy duvet day AND Hugh; so much fun....good old Hugh makes everything more interesting! ....exciting days ahead for Castle Greysquirrel....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Boyz your eyes are mesmerising. JantheFan x