Friday, 18 December 2015

Nigel Thinking On His Stomach

While Nigel has been looking for his “awe and wonder” shop window in Evesham he couldn’t help but notice some of  the enticing comestible posters in Iceland’s windows …….
….. and so, has added yet another item to his list of things he has set his heart on this festive season…….
……. to wit a luxury choux Croquembouche, for which I firmly blame "Bake Off" before which we had never heard of such a thing!!!!  I have pointed out, on reading the small print, that this Crouquebouche is in fact in “kit form” and as such, I doubt very much that anything we put together in the kitchen of Castle Greysquirrel with such a kit would bear any resemblance to the one as illustrated!!! So he said he would re-think that one ……
….. and consider the merits of a chocolate and orange choux garland instead.
Though an adventurous eater, he has ruled out the Oysters Rockefeller, after seeing one too many bushtucker trails on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here ….. where they “served” up rocky mountain/prairie oysters of a very different kind!
He has also noted that he could be tempted to what he called a Cheddar Scuffle …… which is just as well, as I very spookily (of a Derek Acorah type nature) have some already primed in the freezer as a starter for our much anticipated Christmas Day Running Buffet ….. when I hope they will be consumed amidst much resounding nomming, but I'm am not saying anything to Nigel, yet!!


Mr.D said...

Running buffet? Do you have to go into training for this?
Crouquebouche? I have never heard of it, nor have I seen "Bake Off." I know of croque monsieur, crock pot and old crock.

Dianne said...

Nigel's gourmet adventures are in fine form with all sorts of holiday treats beckoning!.....great classic choice with the love the British Bake Off .....Heavens to Betsy! it does make you ravenous for dessert (or anything sweet)!!....enjoy all those holiday sweet treats!......Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-Nigel certainly is an adventurous eater. I think the decision about the oysters is a wise one-don't want to be ill just before the big day!!!