Thursday, 3 December 2015

Festive Comestibles Pas Excellence!!

As you know Marmite is our very most favourite savoury spread of choice, and so any other comestible products that incorporate its flavour are always a mahoooooosive bonus, although as we have found in the past, they are often hard to find.
Walkers Marmite CrispsWhich is why Nigel came up trumps when he nipped into the Poundland in town the other day, to find that they had, wait for it ……. Marmite crisps (£1 for multi pack of 6), which come top of our most nommed crisp flavourings of all time, along side Tomato!!!!  Let’s just say his tangible and palpable excitement was felt throughout the shop, and believe me it is a very large Poundland!
So, Nigel availed himself of a several packs, having the foresight to not only buy enough for us to nibble on while watching our current programmes of choice, to wit X Factor, The Apprentice and I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, but also a few for our Festive Comestible Food Cupboard, which we are slowly stocking up with all our favourite treats.  Nigel, needless to say, returned home to the welcome of champions!!! What are we like?????


Mr.D said...

You have made my mouth water!
Marmite and Bovril flavour crisps are both excellent.

Di said...

Oh you chaps are certainly on the ball with your combustibles :) Hank and Marvin are currently drooling and giggling over a certain fabulous and very clever Christmas card, with the odd snort thrown in of course! Wunderbar :)


Di xx

PharmacyMichele said...

Nigel has a killer instinct when it comes to food, well done spotting the Marmite crisps & good idea stocking up.

I love the Christmas card & it will take pride of place in the lounge. It's my first Christmas card this year.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh boyz, hope you are saving a few crumbs for Gogglebox, Strictly, First Dates & the latest - The Great Pottery Throw! If I were you I'd go back and get a few more packs. Did they have any roast chicken in? Now you're munching crisps! JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Oh my goodness!....fantastic surprise that can make your day when you find delicious bounty that is the fondest wish of your taste buds!.....much good holiday munching ahead!.....Dianne