Monday, 28 December 2015

Partying With The Rel’ies

It’s funny how at Christmas time you have the propensity to feel rather full for most of the time, but when invited over to the Rel’ies (relatives) for yet another fully comprehensive and robust feast, you suddenly find a little more room, well, it would be rude not to, wouldn’t it???!!!!
But, it has to be said that our Rel’ies do put on a most magnificent festive spread, which we would never ever dream of missing, no matter how full that said feeling!!!
Nigel equated himself very well ………several times over …..

……. both of the savoury and sweet variety…..

…… but especially the sweet variety because Joe’s girlfriend Amanda’s mum is a real life American who loves to bake, and, in our considered opinion puts Mary Berry firmly in the shade, with her proper Baked Cheesecake and Chocolate Brownies that stick your ribs together.

It has to be said that although by nature, I generally lean more towards the savoury, I have to admit that the crowning glory of the meal for me was the aforementioned Joe’s girlfriend Amanda’s mum Apple Strudel with it's pecan nuts and gingerbread base, the memory of which will stay with me for many years to come …… and I am afraid I lingered round the dish, protective of it’s pleasures!!!!

Darrell in turn hogged the cheese board, being very partial to a little Wenesleydale with cranberries and a mature Stilton with the odd water biscuit or two and fig half. 

However, despite my account, it wasn’t all about the food, our twinkling Tesco Bag of Festive Tut was also very well accepted.  We had made sure there was enough erm “***p”  tut for everyone to have three dips, and as the Wolves were playing and the men folk gathered around the TV, we timed “a dip” at the beginning, half time and end of the match
Even though we knew what the parcels contained, it was as much fun for us to dip as everyone else, Darrell came home with a pair of Jane Asher kitchen scissors, a cocktail shaker set and a pack of batteries.  I dipped and received a jar of sweeties, an inflatable banana and a plastic poncho and Nigel was well chuffed with a set of highlighter pens, a tiara and a mahoooooooosive punch balloon which I have since temporarily confiscated to get a little peace.

It was a most wonderful day ….. we felt very blessed in a Hello Magazine Special Festive Edition type way to be part of such a lovely family that can cook so well are soooooooo much fun to be with!  Happy, Happy, Happy Days!!


Mr.D said...

You would have found me loitering (lurking) near the strong cheese and the baked cheesecake.
Wolves won as well, unlike Sunderland (:

PharmacyMichele said...

WOW-the buffet looks amazing. The Apple Strudel sounds delicious, am so glad the gifts of tat, oops I mean tut were well received!!!


Dianne said...

What a wonderful family holiday party!......beautiful in every way with all that delicious food and good times together to remember....being a fan of both cheesecake and brownies, would have been necessary to go easy and save some room for those; but then, you could always enjoy that spectacular dinner in two sittings......lots of Tut fun with those gifts.... always a beauty, what a surprise Jane Asher has her own brand of scissors....lovely lovely holiday get together....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Oh Boyz - I have SO much enjoyed your blogs over the festivities. The way the camera has captured your expressions have made it even more memorable. I think even without your witty words, your faces say it all. JantheFan x