Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Setting The Decorative Festive Bar ……..

Darrell and Nigel have been keeping a watchful eye on the Christmas decorations being put up along the roads we tend to frequent during the days we are in Evesham each week.
IMG_7246Until now they had thought that, if we are living in Evesham by next Christmas, our simple festive illuminations would give a fairly good account of ourselves in the fairy light stakes ……. then, Nigel and Darrell spotted something that had their eyes on stalks ……..
IMG_7248……. the biggest and most wonderful tree they had even seen in anyone’s garden ……. anywhere!
IMG_7250 This, I have to say, left them both feeling a little crestfallen …..
IMG_7228…… there is no way (in our first year at least) we could ever compete with such Christmassy wondrousness
IMG_7227However, I think copious notes have now been made, complete with detailed diagrams and several photographs taken …… Darrell has even muted seeking professional advise from someone in Blackpool……
IMG_7232…… such is their angst for us to be seen to fit into the Evesham festive society and not to be shown wanting!  What are they like????


Mr.D said...

Their crests certainly do look fallen.
You need to seek help from an engineer, from Blackpool or elsewhere.

Dianne said...

Not to worry, your dedicated and enthusiastic design abilities as well as your good taste, will be a welcome addition to Evesham's holiday decorations! .....impressive tree there..... so many new opportunities as you become part of the Evesham scene.....Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-how could anyone compete with a tree like that??!! I hope the boys aren't going to even try.....?????


Anonymous said...

Boyz, Boyz - one does not need grand gestures to impress. Remember the babe born in a stable - he only needed one star and what a man he turned out to be. JantheFan x

marc said...

o darlings when you move in a will bring the lights of a 1000 stars to light up your house it will look like the milkyway has landed on your house big show biz wave Hugh