Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Time To Write Our Letters To Father Christmas

Yesterday, after tea, I decided it was time for us to sit down and write our letters to Father Christmas.  This year, we were told that we could ask for two things, and since the start of the festive season, it has to be said, that this thought has occupied our minds somewhat, especially Nigel's.
However, he was pretty organised and had decided against the Yard of Jaffa Cakes he had seen in the village Tesco Express .......
....... and had instead had chosen to ask for a hairdryer and hairbrush set, because he says I am always nagging him about the state of his hair and for his second present, a dinosaur clay set so he could do "making" with Iris.
I thought I should ask for something practical, 2016 is going to be a very busy year and I decided that what I really needed was a proper diary to write down all the important things that I knew would be happening ........
....... and for my second "ask" I put a new mug ........
.......... as I know that I will probably be finding that I will have to take myself off, a little more than usual, for a contemplative cuppa soup, as I arrange and organise our future.
However, Darrell did not find the task as simple and appeared to be wracked with angst about what he wanted to ask Father Christmas for. He really, really wanted to ask if he could go to the Eurovision Song Contest in real life next year, after the disappointment of this year, but realised that this was the most mahoooooooosive ask ever, ever, ever!
He asked me what I thought, and I said that if that was what he wanted, then he should ask, BUT, because it was such a mahooooosive ask, he should perhaps put something else, just in case, and not, on this occasion, be too disappointed if Father Christmas could not do the impossible to make this particular dream come true.  
Goodness knows how many half written letters were scrunched up into little balls and chucked on the table and floor. At one stage Darrell even contemplated not asking at all, saying that he'd wouldn't mind a bottle of David Beckham aftershave instead.
But, in the end, he asked and just as I had advised also asked for an adult colouring book, and some pens, that Hugh said were all the de rigueur amongst the stars to do while they were in their dressing rooms waiting to go on set or stage.  Darrell reasoned that if he couldn't make it to Eurovision, at least he would have lots of colouring to occupy his mind and soften the blow!
I have to admit, that as we sent our letters up the chimney, I thought that this was, perhaps, be one dream where Darrell might have to be let down very, very gently ...... but, who am I to say that sometimes dreams do come true, even when they are mahooooooosively mahooooosive!!!!!!


Mr.D said...

Good luck with the requests, especially the Eurovision Song Contest tickets. Does Hugh have access to these? Maybe Hugh could dress up as Santa to deliver them.

PharmacyMichele said...

Father Christmas has got his work cut out I reckon this year. I hope Darrell isn't too disappointed if he doesn't get the tickets but let's keep our fingers crossed.


Dianne said...

Always a difficult task to get Santa's letter just right right......lovely letters and I suspect Santa will be pondering big time regarding Darrell's mahoooosive gift choice......perhaps Santa could check with Hugh about the possibility of making this gift happen.....the excitement builds! ........Dianne