Friday, 25 December 2015

It’s Christmas Morning! He’s Been!!!

He’s been, he’s been, he’s been!!!!
Nigel woke up in robust mood at 4.30am, but I am afraid I told him quite firmly to go back to sleep, on the pretext that Father Christmas might still be around, but really, it was just far too early for me to raise my head from my pillow! Bless him, he did try, but by 5.30am and much tossing and turning and pulling of our festive duvet, I was forced to relent.
I can’t tell you how blessed, in a fabbbbbbbbbulous special festive edition Hello Magazine type way we were!  I found a beautiful, purple, page a day diary, which was exactly what I wanted in my stocking, along with a Columbo mug, my very, very, very favourite detective of choice ever!  I don’t know how he does it, but Father Christmas knows everything!
Nigel found his hairdryer and comb set, just as he’d asked for!  All I can say is, that I am glad we don’t have a plug near the bed or else Darrell and I would have all been coiffed to the tenth degree. He also found a lovely dinosuar clay set to make dinosuars with Iris, which made us all go goooooey and say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Darrell, found his “reserve” adult colouring in book and some particularly fine flourescent felt pens, if he was a little disappointed then he didn’t show it. Going to the Eurovision Song Contest was a HUGE ask, and anyway, it’s not as if we can’t still all watch it at home together as per usual.  He was, he said “Well chuffed!” as Hugh had already told him that “colouring in” was tres, tres, tres de rigueur amongst “zee stars no” to do while they were waiting in the Green Room or their dressing rooms before a show.
We also our presents from our beloved Dianne in romantic and sunny Florida to open, each of us had a new outfit ………
Darrell had a gorgeous, fleecy hoodie with matching sweat pants. What he loved so much about the hoodie was that it had charms sewn onto the chest, a star, a faux diamond and a disc with the letter D embossed on it ……. again, something that Hugh had told him about, “Zee beadie charms on zee bracelets …” he had said were “….poo poo zees days no? It is all about zee clothes!”
Needless to say, said hoodie was on before you could say jingle bells.
Nigel had a Santa’s Helper t-shirt and a new rufty tufty lumberjack shirt/jacket with matching trousers, and like Darrell, Nigel’s t-shirt was on like a shot.
And me?  I was totally overwhelmed, and for me, a little emotional.  In my beautifully wrapped parcel I found a black and white checked shirt, with coordinated red tank top and matching black trousers.  It was, quite honestly, the poshest outfit I have ever had, and I can’t wait to show Hugh for his critique. I think he will suggest a walking cane to finish off the ensemble and quite possibly a monocle!  It is a true, landed gentry, gentleman’s outfit and will certainly be my outfit of choice for all our festive occassions this week.
It really was a lovely, lovely Christmas morning, all of us snuggled up in bed together, ooooohhhing and ahhhhing over our presents admid much good humoured banter and gentle laughter, to quote Andy Williams “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” ……… and this was only the Christmas morning!


Mr.D said...

"He's been?" Not here he hasn't. Nor for Diane. Not yet, anyway.
"Going to the Eurovision Song Contest was a HUGE ask"
Going to the Eurovision Song Contest is a HUGH ask, if "Hugh" ask me.
Great presents - well done Santa. In Mexico, the presents arrive with the three kings on the 6th January.

PharmacyMichele said...

Merry Christmas!!! WOW- 3 very smart looking monkeys today. So glad Santa got the present right-I hope you all have a lovely day today.


Pamela said...

Merry Christmas to the three of you. You must all have been so very good to receive everything (almost!) that you asked for. Have a good day Monkeys!

Dianne said...

Lovely, lovely visit from Santa with super gifts!.....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Columbo; very favourite detective......know Darrell will be creating wonderful colourful pictures.....Nigel will be model perfect with every hair just right! very happy everyone liked their gifts; Christopher had input regarding a very gentlemanly outfit for Monkey.....wasn't able to talk to Hugh about the proper way to do the initial; the star was our personal choice and we felt appropriate.....Dear Nigel is always a most wonderful helper! ....sending a A very Merry Christmas to everyone!!....Much Love to each of you from Dianne and Christopher

PS wooohoo....incoming cold front has us down to 86F instead of 87F!

Dianne said...

PSS flurry of activity here; forgot to say how very beautiful card is; love all the pictures and the dusting of sparkle.....much joy and happiness via Royal Mail!..Dianne