Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Darrell Dun Gud ……. Again

Well, here we are again, it doesn’t seem five minutes ago since we last donned our gay apparel, but as you can see, we are unbelievably, once more, garbed in festive robe !!!
christmas jumpers 2015You may remember Darrell coming home  a week or so ago, very pleased with himself, having been out shopping and finding a new Christmas jumper not only for himself and also one for me.
I have to admit, that I really do like my jaunty, a la mode top with it’s robustly resplendent reindeer ………
primark reindeer top…… and Darrell’s, well it says it all really doesn’t it?????
Baby Santa top PrimarkPrimark baby Christmas top
And Nigel hasn’t been left out either, he already had a top that our wonderful friend and serial commenter Dianne,  who lives in sunny and romantic Florida sent him last Christmas, only it got delayed in the post and arrived after the big day …… so he’s been champing at the bit ever since to wear it this year.
small fry christmas top.small fry christmas top
So now, as we are most suitably attired for the season, let the festivities commence ……………..!!!!


Mr.D said...

The boy certainly done good and so did Dianne.

PharmacyMichele said...

Well Boys-there are only 24 days to go now!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Boyz you do always leave me feeling festive - now that reminds me I must hunt out my snowman earrings and light up Christmas tree brooch. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Always exciting when the Christmas gay apparel is donned!....like the tree lighting, it sort of says "the season has officially begun"..Do LOVE LOVE the festive apparel.....gotta love that reindeer and Darrel's says it all; Nigel is a charmer as always!.....Dianne