Sunday, 27 December 2015

Two Days After Christmas ………..

Two days after Christmas and you find us wrapping up presents of a festive type nature yet again!
To be honest, we have to admit, shamefully, that we have been a little tardy putting the finishing touches to the family party task that we were assigned to  …..
……. a task of responsibility and honour, as for the first time ever, we were asked to select, purchase and wrap the presents to go in our “Festive Tut Sack” which we have instead of crackers at our annual festive family gathering.
We had done all of the considered mooching, selecting and purchasing of said “Tut”, which must cost no more than a pound each and cause a little amusement, and we had done part of the wrapping, but then, erm…… Christmas sort of caught up with us and we didn’t complete it until today …….
So in a flurry of activity, on what we had planned to be our “Duvet Day”, Darrell and I donned our best pageant queen crowns (part of our tut collection), much to the amusement of Nigel and we wrapped like demons!
We had also forgotten (unbelievably) to get some raffle tickets to put on each present as a method of identifying your chosen gift, a bit like a tombola …..
So, Nigel and I very quickly devised a method of drawing numbers using bingo tickets …… I think it should work!However, if things do start to look slightly dubious and rushed, our moment of true genius came when Darrell remembered and found out the illuminated Tesco Christmas shopping bag we got from about six years ago and it still worked,  so, hopefully, when we walk into the party proudly holding our twinkling shopping bag of tut aloft the honour of Castle Greysquirrel will be upheld!!!!!! No one has ever presented their tut in a light up bag before, we feel sooooooo proud!


PharmacyMichele said...

Crikey- good job you remembered to start wrapping! We have a similar idea at work only its called "cr*p Santa"!!


Dianne said...

Do remember the Tut gift exchange from the past, but Wow!a light up beautiful midnight blue gift sack!.....does add a special note to this fun gift giving .....who wouldn't look holiday festive in a sparkling tiara?! ......Fun just keeps happening at Castle Greysquirrel!.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Great idea.
"Tut" or "tat?"
One year my two brothers and I went to Poundland and we had five minutes to buy Xmas presents for the other two.