Friday, 2 June 2017

A Day Of Celebration ………

Today is National Fish and Chip Day …… a treat we miss, back in the homeland the chip shop was only a couple of minutes down the road, but in Evesham it’s roughly a fifteen minute or so walk.
IMG_2444It was a day that could have very easily gone past us, but thanks to Nigel’s due diligence and vigilance and keen interest in the posters of Evesham we were able to partake in said celebrations.
IMG_2441……. well it would have been rude not too! 
IMG_2442Naturally we sent Nigel, complete with warm food bag,  to heroically brave the queue, having already set our normal tea time later by an hour or so later to accommodate the event of such a queue with Nigel texting us at intervals to tell us of his progress moving up it, bless him!
Fish & Chip SupperAnd was it worth it? Well yes it was …….. nom nom nom!  Happy National Fish and Chip Day to you all, and commiserations to Mr D who can’t get British fish and chips in Mexico and is probably salivating greatly on reading this post!


Mr.D said...

You are dead right! My mouth is watering.
I want fish and chips!

PharmacyMichele said...

Ooh-I'm glad Nigel spotted that sign or I wouldn't have known either. My brother in law has just arrived (from Florida-my Father in Law is poorly) and he lurves Fish & Chips fo let's hope he can stay awaiting enough to enjoy some tonight.


Dianne said...

Bless Nigel for his perseverance and keeping his eye on the posters......I think this observance should be more than one day a year; who could refuse 1/2 price on this must have?...long may fish and chips keep it's rightful place as a British favourite !....lucky you!......Dianne