Thursday, 1 June 2017

A Weird, Yet Strangely Romantic Riverside Phenomenon

We arrived back at The Towers to find ourselves amidst a strange, natural riverside phenomena.
IMG_2243It was something, as hard as I tried, that was nigh on impossible to capture in this picture of Darrell in the garden, but believe me, in real life it looked as if he was in the middle of a fluffy snowstorm.
The path along the river told a similarly romantic tale. At first we thought it was all dandelions in the area spawning at the same time (a bit like plankton),  but there just didn’t seem to be enough dandelions to create such a flurry, and when Darrell and Nigel went on an investigative walk they couldn’t see anything else that was fluffy enough to cause this weird yet romantic phenomena.
However, I have to say, said phenomena doesn’t have such a romantic allure when it’s dans notre flat, and despite the lovely weather, windows have had to be firmly closed!  I am also very grateful that none of us have any tendancies towards allergies of a hay fever type nature, as I feel this enigma would cause untold watery eyes, sneezing and misery!  
IMG_2474I feel a little embarrassed to display my ignorance of nature, but if you, Mr D in particular, the cascading fountain of all knowledge, have any idea what is causing this ……. answers on a postcard please!


Mr.D said...

I had to search on Google. They are poplar seeds. Dianne, you may know this tree as cottonwood in the USA.

These seeds certainly look pretty but they do get about a bit too.

Dianne said...

In our little neck of the woods, in approximately March or early April, EVERYTHING is covered in thick yellow pollen from the endless pine trees.....makes a terrible mess; requires heavy rain to help clear all surfaces...a problem for those with allergies or asthma.....your white fluff is much prettier....Mr. D may very well be the one to solve this!....Love, Dianne

Amanda said...

Google tells me these are seed pods from willow, aspen or poplar trees, and unlikely to trigger allergies.

Anonymous said...

oooo errr - it all goes on down Evesham way. JantheFan x