Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Towers Sees It’s First Ever Volcanic Eruption, If Only A Very Mediocre One!

Nigel always has a bit of a hope, that after a wearying day of taking care of Iris and Bertie the charity shop on the corner of the last leg home has perhaps left something of an interesting type nature in a box by its bins, which, despite them not being able to sell it,  could perhaps still inspire or be of use to him, lightening the rest of his walk with a frisson of excitement.IMG_2040Well, yesterday he was in luck…….
IMG_2587…….. when he spotted and then availed himself of a “Volcano Eruption Kit”, which he justified, in its taking, of preventing it from falling into the wrong hands and possibly used for nefarious ends. He had also probably insured that Evesham’s tectonic plates remained intact and that it’s streets would not be turned into rivers of spuming lava!
Instead…. he bought it back to The Towers ……… and Darrell!!!!!  On inspection, all that appeared to be missing from said kit was a bottle of red colouring (for extra visual dramatic effect), a pair of plastic gloves and one of the lenses from the safely goggles and the only extra that was not included was 50 somethings of vinegar!
After several very careful readings of the instructions and checking with me as to what exactly our insurance policy covered, Darrell and Nigel were ready to go ……..
…….. Nigel was in charge of pouring the enclosed bicarbonate of soda into to the rather disappointingly proportioned volcano and the Darrell was to add the somethings of vinegar.
IMG_2597At first, it appeared to be all rather anticlimactic …… with just a couple of weak bubbles coming forth from the top. So much promise, it seemed, was destined to become just a bit of a charity shop reject squib…….IMG_2600…. until Nigel decided to throw caution to the wind and add an extra dollop of the aforementioned bicarbonate of soda …… IMG_2601IMG_2603
………. it had a slightly more desired effect, it began to froth and flow a little more robustly …….
…….. but , it has to be said, that the earth ………
IMG_2607………. let alone The Towers, failed to move!


Mr.D said...

Well done Nigel and Darrell. A valiant effort.

sodium hydrogen carbonate + ethanoic acid --> sodium ethanoate + water + carbon dioxide

(But no squeaky pop!)

PharmacyMichele said...

Goodness-I think I'm glad there wasn't a huge explosion . Perhaps this charity shop find is one to be returned???


Anonymous said...

Oh goodness gracious to me - maybe try these.... JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Bless his heart; with Nigel, hope does spring eternal!.....treasures do always seem to await him......use that formula to clean/refresh my kitchen drains; and silly, but love all the fizzing and adventure for Nigel just around the corner!.....Love from Dianne