Thursday, 22 June 2017

Piercing Curious ……….

Sometimes, I think Nigel, though curious and interested in all that’s going on around him, has a little too much time on his hands for looking in the local shop windows and pondering.
IMG_2447It now seems that piercings are the prime subject for his said ponderings.
IMG_2446I have  said that it’s all a mystery to me and that I would prefer it to remain that way.  I have told Darrell not to encourage him in any which way shape or form …….. and, if what he finds out for himself gives him nightmares, he only has himself to blame!  Nigel isn’t very keen on needles which in this case may very well be a blessing. He always gets in a bit of a state whenever we book a holiday abroad in case he has to have any vaccinations, so I don’t think I need worry that he might be tempted to partake in a piercing session, as he’d need a needle to knock him out before he could go through with it!!!!!


Mr.D said...

I think I prefer it to remain mysterious too. Just as well young Nigel doesn't drink. Otherwise, after a few too many cocktails, he might do something silly.

Dianne said...

Nigel's inquiring mind has taken him for a walk on the wild side!..... hopefully he is just window shopping and something else will catch his you, Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

I'm very glad to hear the Nigel isn't tempted to have his eyebrows pierced (or anywhere else for that matter). Let's hope he doesn't consider a tattoo!!


Anonymous said...

Nipples - I say NIPPLES - £40 a pair - oh my goodness - cheeks - I say CHEEKS and as for the other places well I dare not mention them - and people are actually paying for these piercings??? The world has gone mad. JantheFan x