Sunday, 25 June 2017

Darrell Makes His Much Promised Cocktail

As you might remember Darrell promised that he would make us his special “Keel Over Cocktail” when the fence down the road, that we have all been keeping an eye, on finally fell down ……..
fence 2I have to report that said fence is still standing, if somewhat precariously, being supported, in part, by the fence at the front, so we reckon it will take a hurricane before if finally collapses aux proper!
cocktail hourSo Darrell suggested that rather than continue to wait until goodness knows when, and taking into consideration that our Greek Odyssey was now so close we could almost touch it, it would be rude not to ease ourselves into the holiday mood by having a Keel Over in practice for all the Cocktail Hours we plan to avail ourselves of …….. well, I’ll drink to that!
cocktail hour 2Don’t ask me what Darrell put in, there were bottles flying left, right and centre and an awful lot of shaking going on …… but the pièce de résistance he announced, in a very Hugh like flamboyant flurry was adding two sachets of the Ahoj Brause fizzy drink that our friends Ze Monkeys sent us from Germany, keep to one side for such an occasion.
brause PulverIMG_2743
……… let’s just say it gave Darrell’s cocktail a very definite and avant garde edgy edginess to it!
IMG_2744And did it live up to it’s name?
IMG_2747It most certainly did!!!!  Here’s to Corfu 2017 and all who sail in her!!!!!


Di said...

Giggling here - and I didn't even have a single sip! Cheers boys :) xx

Mr.D said...

A whole lotta shaking going on? Is Jerry Lee Lewis in the house?

Is Nigel old enough to drink alcohol! He certainly looks squiffy and pie eyed in the last shot. Do I need to inform the child protection people?

Dianne said...

The fence could be that way for a very long time,probably still be the same when you return ....but now is the time for holiday celebration!....Corfu is waiting with new holiday memories.....Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Fun times ! JantheFan x