Friday, 9 June 2017

It’s A New Day ….. It’s A New Dawn, But Perhaps Not A New Life …..

This morning we wake, to quote Michael Buble, to a new day, a new dawn and a proper elected Prime Minister, rather one that just snook in and took over   ……
IMG_2800……. and yesterday, despite our First Anniversary celebrations of our moving into The Towers, we still found time to cast our votes. It was a responsibility we took very seriously and again the responsibility weighed heavy upon our shoulders until our X’s finally marked the spot.
IMG_2801We have to admit that by Thursday night we were all electioned out.  We’d diligently watched and listened to all debates and party election broadcasts, and then in the evening, after tea, we’d debated amongst ourselves, but nothing of a heated.     We were a little disappointed that we weren’t able to debate on our own doorstep with an actual, real life candidate but The Towers was obviously not on anyone’s canvasing list, but never mind! 
IMG_2798We had to vote in the church again, a little traumatic for Nigel last time, but forewarned is forearmed, I just told Nigel that if he kept his head down, and got in the voting booth as quickly as he could,  avoiding all eye contact with anything of an ecumenical, monastic or ecclesiastical type nature or anything that vaguely resembled a font …. he should to remain unanointed, uncircumcised and definitely not fitted for a cassock!
And are we in jubilant or deflated mood ?……. Well, that would be telling!


Mr.D said...

Nina Simone sang it before Mr Buble. A great song.

Voting has come round quickly this time. I hope you put your cross wisely. Did you know, you can put a tick, or even a smiley face, as long as it is clear to the election officer.

No dimpled chads in Evesham, Diane.

Mr.D said...

Oops, Dianne.

PharmacyMichele said...

Oh dear-what a traumatic experience for Nigel. I hope the headlines don't upset him too much re the election. Never mind-it's National Gin Day today-yippee!!


Dianne said...

Reassuring to know you all voted and hopefully all is going to improve and our world will begin to be lifted from the deep dark pit of insanity it has been subjected to ......good loving hearts will never abandon the path to truth and standing firm against any and all ugly hate and cruelty.......Nigel did his duty admirably while facing his fears, and now he can get back to the swans; they do need Nigel's caring to keep an eye on their well much to do these days at the Towers!......enjoy this June day as we toddle along toward the summer to all, Dianne

Dianne said...

Mr.D----C-R-A-Z-y WORLD ----strange things are happening!!...Dianne