Monday, 12 June 2017

A Promise Of Things To Come

While Darrell is full of all the flowers that are growing in the hedgerows and riverbank around us, my attention is firmly on the promise of all the foraging opportunities they will provide towards the end of the summer.
IMG_2580The blackberry bushes already look as though they are going to yield much, as do the plum and greenage trees. 
IMG_2581We have just eaten the last of our plum and blackberry crumbles, made from said foraged fruits last summer, but this year, now we are more settled, I am determined to make more of them and experiment with a few more recipes. The prospect of a free foraged pudding to accompany our Sunday lunches  throughout the year bodes very well indeed!   


Mr.D said...

Greenage or greengage? The former could refer to a nice rum of traffic lights or some dubious type of weed.
The crumbles sound wonderful!

Dianne said...

Nature's bounty right outside your door is just as good as, or even better, than having your own much better when nature does all the work!.....something delicious to look forward to.......Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

All sounds very romantic and countryfied. JantheFan x