Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Limited Edition Toblerones

So ……. our taxi arrived bang on time, with a VERY chatty driver, who told us that he was so “au fait” with the route to the airport  that he knew  and could describe every single bump and dip along the way …….. and then proceeded to do so for the entire journey.  I nodded and tried to ooooooo and ahhh in all the right places, as politely as I could, but it was really doing my head in, and Darrell and Nigel’s muffled guffaws in the back didn’t help! 
IMG_2839On arrival at the airport, our passage through check-in and security was mercifully swift and without hitch, and once in the passengers lounge I furnished one of the massage chairs with pound coins and told Darrell and Nigel that I was not to be disturbed unless it was to proffer light liquid refreshment or wake me to tell me that our flight had been called.
IMG_2841And, as predicted, after Darrell had tested almost all the contents of the male perfumery department, and ended up smelling like Hugh’s dressing room after all his friends have been to congratulate him on his performance, he and Nigel played hunt the biggest Toblerone.  There was much excitement when they discovered that there was a limited edition crispy coconut variety, and, I believe wallets, were taken out, until they thought of my reaction when having to deal with said gigantic Toblerone melting in the searing heat of Greece shortly after our arrival!
IMG_2843Once aboard our Thomas Cook flight, I donned my eye mask, ear plugs and flight socks, and told them I did not want to be disturbed until the seat belt light was switched off on the other side………
IMG_2847I did not want to know about in-flight consoles, light refreshments, duty free products, scratch cards or collections for whatever charity Thomas Cook was supporting ……. and above all, no running commentary on any turbulence, should we encounter any!
IMG_2846They must have though I was a right grouch, but they knew that as soon as we hit terra firma any bumps and dips  in the Greek roads didn’t count, they would be an integral part of our holiday experience and all commentary duly accepted with good heart!
IMG_2844What am I like?


Mr.D said...

On the way!

I hope the Greeks know what they have let themselves in for.

Dianne said...

wow!...being seasoned travelers your flight organization is amazing and being able to ignore turbulence is very impressive......too bad but Toblerlone and a Greek beach don't seem exactly compatible! ....exciting happenings!.....love, Dianne

PharmacyMichele said...

Such determination , not sure how you could resist the new flavour Toblerone but I understand your concern re Greek temperatures! Enjoy every minute of your holiday.


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Days! Janthefan x