Friday, 23 June 2017

An Unusual Vegetable Patch

Nigel has noticed, what he thinks may be a patch of a vegetable type nature, outside one of the supermarkets on our way to Tom The Scientists and The Lovely Laura’s.
Plants 1His considered hypothesis comes mainly from a sign directly above the raised patch. plantsHowever, not being a great horticulturalist and only dipping into Gardeners World by accident rather than intent, Nigel doesn’t have a clue as to what sort of “crops” might be growing, only that they have red stems and firm ribs down the leaf centres.  We wondered, over one of our tea time debates, if, perhaps, as a vegetable, it is more about the leaf rather than what lies beneath?  All suggestions greatly received as it might lighten the burden of Nigel’s ponderings.plants 4It does say that the compost has been supplied by Severn Waste Services, but Nigel has noticed that possibly some of the supermarkets customers and passers-by  have also been adding to said compost …… although what nutritional value “fag ends” might add to the growth of  the mystery plants is also an enigma and one has to wonder if they have any effect on the flavour?  Poor Nigel, this discovery has had his head banging with far too many conundrums and none of them solved!


Mr.D said...

Hopefully Nigel doesn't get it into his head to cook and eat the leaves. It could be similar to rhubarb leaves, which are poisonous.

Di said...

Oooer, could be a few different veggies but beetroot springs to mind as very likely. Best get the vinegar and jam jars ready Nigel!


Di xx

Anonymous said...

Looks like there is a bit of beetroot growing there - but then again I'm no Charlie Dimmock or Carol Klein - just JantheFan x

Dianne said...

Only vegetable I can think of with firm red stems is rhubarb; not, repeat not, a favourite of mine.......rhubarb pie was an old fashioned favourite here.......lovely to have that little garden right there....the mystery will be solved eventually!.....Love, Dianne