Saturday, 24 June 2017

The Last Final Fitness Pull ……. (If There Was Ever A First?????)

With our Greek Odyssey to the romantic Isle of Corfu all but a few short days away, Darrell asked Nigel if he’d like to accompany him for a bit of pre-holiday limber up, sur la parc ……what is he like?park 2Now, to be honest, Nigel’s fitness regime generally consists of watching Darrell go through his paces while he, Nigel, takes it easy lounging in the large basket swing …..
park 4 …….. or  sat sitting, feet dangling,  from one of the beams on the climbing frame. He says he doesn’t really like perspiring too much before any said holiday, because he will probably do enough of that  once the baking Greek heat hits him the second we arrive, so it’s best he doesn’t risk any untoward and unnecessary  dehydration beforehand!  What is he like?PARK 6 Darrell did his best, although he admitted it was a bit of an effort ………
park 5He’s done pretty well on his diet, becoming a stranger to the Malteser and best friend to the baby plumb tomato and bite size cucumber, his fitting into his new budgie smugglers should be assured ……. heaven help the poor Greek, I just hope they are ready for it!


Mr.D said...

It has been pretty hot in the UK this week, from what I've read.

I think I prefer Nigel's approach. I hope Darrell doesn't get caught smuggling any budgies, into, or out of his Speedos, or Greece, for that matter!

:) Oh, err, missus.

Anonymous said...

SNORT - night time glass of water just got spat over screen!

Signed, 'Wet from Hampshire' :)

Dianne said...

I do envy Darrell's commitment..... while little Compari tomatoes are a favourite, I usually reserve them for salads and rarely use them for snacks; his regime is admirable and surely he will be svelte and fashionable for the beaches.....lazy holiday time just ahead!.....Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

Darrell you put me to shame - I'm VERY friendly with the Malteser and the man from Mars and anything which reads Chocolate. JantheFan x