Friday, 16 June 2017

Something To Ponder

Darrell found two old Fortune Cookies at the back of one of our kitchen cupboards when he was having a tidy up.  It was obvious that they were both broken, but it still had Nigel and him pondering as to whether opening up a crushed fortune cookie packet still counted as an omen of said sage fortune ……..
IMG_2699In the end, there was only one way to find out …….IMG_2700 ……. Darrell’s, it has to be said, was very poignant, as it is always something that his best friend and mentor Hugh is oft heard to say during their what’s on en-trend and de rigour discussions via Skype.
IMG_2701Nigel’s too was also very true and food for thought …….
IMG_2702 So in the end Darrell and Nigel were of the same opinion, that it didn’t matter whether a fortune cookie was crushed or not, if the message secreted within made you think, then it still applied!  What are they like? 


Mr.D said...

And they still got to eat the cookies.

Dianne said...

Very wise cookies; truer words were never spoken.....a tidy up with food for thought!....who knows what you will find next!....Love you, Dianne

Anonymous said...

With you on that boyz. JantheFan x

marc said...

so true darling big air kiss love Hugh