Monday, 19 June 2017

A German Marzipan Praline Review

A little while ago our Germanic friends Ze Monkeys sent a most wondrous parcel filled with Teutonic confectionary for us to review.  We decided that rather than launch straight in and sample all of it’s delights within a few days of its arrival, we would show a little restraint and dip in  at measured intervals so as to prolong the pleasures that lay within for as long as possible.
IMG_2727Today is such an interval and we are going to review the Marzipan Pralines.  Now before we do, it has to be said that we absolutely adore marzipan.  It’s something that we wouldn’t partake in on a daily basis, but just now and again, so in reviewing one of our very favourite confectionarys of choice it will be hard to be unbiased, but we will try.
IMG_2730The packaging looked very posh and each portion was of a generous size.
As something of marzipan aficionados we sort of knew what to expect when Darrell cut up the chocolates for us to explore their centres.
IMG_2733And on the tasting. what can I say? As we started to sample the chocolates a contented silence descended on the room, our enjoyment was both tangible and palpable, said Marzipan Pralines with Bittersweet Chocolate certainly delivered, in buckets and spades, and perhaps even the odd rake or two.
IMG_2735When we could finally be drawn away from our pleasures, we all agreed, these sweetmeats were all we had hoped …….. and put as simply as Darrell could express our views in equation form  ……….
eq……. the score on our Richter Scale of Marzipan noms was quite  impressive!
IMG_2734……. including a plate of empty wrappers!


Mr.D said...

Impressive sweets.
Impressive calculation.
Impressive gift from Ze Monkeys.
Impressive noms too.
Nomtastic, in fact.

Dianne said...

What a way to make your day extra special.....a dream come true in marzipan heaven!......what a very special gift from a friend .....looking forward to the other offerings.....Love, Dianne

Anonymous said...

hmmmmmmm - I'm with Dianne - marzipan Heaven - can I join you there boyz? JantheFan x

Ze Monkeys said...

Aww, finally the last piece of confectionary was reviewed! And now? Shall we send over a box of German ... snacks? ... cosmetics? ... fashion items? Hmmmm...