Saturday, 3 June 2017

Nigel Reunited With His Beloved Swanlings.

Obviously after spending a few days with Hugh poor Nigel was absolutely desperate to see how his baby swanlings were and if they were still OK.
IMG_2419He went armed a small box of the swan and duck food that Jan The Fan had sent us and he said his heart almost burst when he saw the whole family paddling down by the weir and lock, all safe and well, the swanlings having grown considerably in the time we have been away.
IMG_2405 There were a few anxious moments as he counted and then counted them again to make sure that there were five …….. and yes Eric was there, despite him not liking the water too much the last time Nigel had seen him on the slipway.
As Nigel was standing there all besotted, a lady came out and started to feed them too.  I think she was really checking Nigel out!  She lived in the flats above the lock and was also keeping a very watchful and careful eye on them too …… always making sure there were five babies as Nigel had done.  After a little conversation I think the said lady soon realised that Nigel was very fond of the swans too, but it was best to make sure who he was and that his intentions were not of a nefarious nature!
This in turn also reassured Nigel that on the days when he can’t go and see them, like when we are on holiday, “The Swan Lady” as he now calls her, will be there to watch over them and make sure the swanlings are safe and well fed.  Happy Riverside Days.


Mr.D said...

The Swan Lady - great name.

The cygnets have grown a huge amount in a short space of time. If they keep up this rate of growth, they will be as wide as the whole river in a year or two!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful photos - and pleased there are so many caring people to keep an eye on them. JantheFan x

Dianne said...

My, they are growing and looking to be very experienced swimmers.....perhaps Eric is liking the water more each every day when you are riverside!.....Love, Dianne