Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Pipped To Cake And Coffee By Nigel

As you know, I very much enjoy visiting any new establishment that pops up in Evesham to sample their latte or cappuccino and slice of whatever of their cake takes my fancy, but yesterday, Nigel beat me to it ……..
IMG_2490He noticed that, seemingly out of nowhere, the Orto Lounge had just popped up and it was, he said “Buzzing”.  He knew that I would have liked to have experienced it myself too, but all the sunglassed people outside and large, welcoming,  open frontage, just lured him in he said,  he was helpless to resist, he didn’t have the strength to wait for me to go with him ……..what is he like?
But that aside, let’s just say, he was very much impressed by the d├ęcor …….. he thought it was very, very, very Hugh, Darrell’s best friend and mentor, who lives the showbiz life in Notting Hill.
IMG_2481They even had some of the same paintings as Hugh, but Nigel thought that they were probably fakes copies, while Hugh’s undoubtedly were the real thing.
IMG_2480There was also a wall of very lovely mirrors that he knew would make Darrell absolutely swoon and stroke longingly when he visited.
IMG_2488This, Nigel decided, was somewhere that would suit us all very much, and was a place to take friends after a mooch round the many sights and charity shops of Evesham.
IMG_2477And the menu? Well, Nigel said it was all very nom nom nom, with lovely vegetarian options rather than the quiche, which Hugh always moans about, and it was all rather reasonable………
IMG_2483Nigel decided to sample a iced coffee and a slice of Rocky Road with salted caramel and chocolate topping as the whole ambience of the place made him feel very sophisticated in an Evesham type way.
IMG_2485I am sorry that he couldn’t wait for me to sample the delights of The Lounge with him, but I can quite understand him being swept away, and I have suggested that when we do go together we should partake in a little lunch, to which there was no argument at all!


Mr.D said...

It certainly looks a wonderful place. I have never had Rocky Road or salted caramel. My mouth is watering.

Dianne said...

The Lounge is absolutely enticing and does not disappoint with it's decor and menu!....Nigel made the right decision to have the full Lounge experience.....another must visit Evesham place for all to enjoy...Love, Dianne