Thursday, 8 June 2017

Happy First Anniversary To Us …… With A Card From Castle Greysquirrel

It’s very poignant, in a Hello Magazine type way that today, on the first anniversary of our moving to The Towers, we have received a card from Cheryl and Andrew the people who moved into The Castle after us.

IMG_2693lt was ……….. emotional …….

IMG_2694It was nice to find out that our very much missed Jade House is now their Chinese of choice and we have vowed that the next time we stay with Lucy we will treat ourselves, and Lucy, naturally, to a feast of all our favourite dishes …… no one in Evesham does a crispy chilli beef or Cantonese sweet and sour pork like Jade House.

IMG_2692They also sent us a picture of “what was once” our beloved pond ……. they obviously love it as much as we did ……. and there was Nigel’s very favourite white koi at the bottom, he must be absolutely mahoooooosive now, as he was and still is the first to appear when food was about …… this was when Nigel began to get a little misty eyed ……….

IMG_2695…….. so I sent him to just look out of the window to see where we too have found ourselves, to think about how far we have all come in the last year, and remember our adventures and discoveries and a very different way of life ………

IMG_2697……… perhaps we can’t celebrate with a Jade House 36, 46, 57 and extra 60, 63 and two 66’s  ……. but Evesham is home ….. swans, river, the school run with Iris and Bertie and so many coffee shops that we still haven’t visited them all!  A very Happy Anniversary to us all, and many, many more of them to come!!!!!!! As Iris’s favourite author, Enid Blyton would say …….”Hip Hip Horray to us with lashings of ginger beer!”


Mr.D said...

Wow. A year already. You have made yourselves a wonderful home in Evesham.

Enid Blyton never wrote "lashings of ginger beer." It was from a parody film but it certainly sounds like a Blyton line. I used to love the Famous Five and Secret Seven books when I was a child.

Di said...

First of all, how lovely to know that the Castle is so loved and in such sweet hands.

And congratulations on one whole year - how did that happen? - in such a beautiful place. Cheer up Nigel, think about all the fabulous adventures ahead! We'll take your place if you like, snort!

Love, Hank and Marvin xx

Pamela said...

Happy 1 year anniversary! I'm so pleased that the new owners of Castle Grey Squirrel are lovely people and stay in touch with you all. And Nigel must concentrate on all the new, and lovely, places and experiences of living at the riverside in Evesham. He wouldn't have seen baby swans back in Wolverhampton!

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh I felt quite emotional too reading about the 'good old days' - memories forever locked in your hearts - but with so much to look forward to, don't let it hold you back. JantheFan x
p.s. how thoughtful of the new occupants to send you an anniversary card. You certainly picked a good couple there to pass your house onto.

marc said...

its up wards and on wards and you have so much more to do how great they sent a card and it fab to know the fish are happy big happy anniversary love and air kiss Hugh

Dianne said...

Misty eyed but happy memories..... so much to be grateful for with Evesham offering special new memories and happy times with Iris and Bertie!......wonderful to know the Castle is loved home by it's new family......Happy anniversary and Love from Dianne and Christopher!