Thursday, 30 December 2010

New Year – New Shirts from Tesco

It feels like we have been in our Santa suits for months, so it is feels lovely, now the festive season is drawing to an end, to be able to dress a little more comfortably.
New Shirts
We love Tesco’s – “Florence and Fred” range, they have really “on trend” outfits for the more discerning customer on a tight budget, like us! These shirts are especially brilliant because Darrell hasn’t quite mastered the gentleman’s art of tie tying yet, but here, he can maintain the smart/casual look without the effort. BRILLIANT!


Mr. D said...

You buy the shirt and get the tie effect for free. Brilliant.

Junie said...

WOW do you two look handsome or what !!!!

Monkey said...

Welcome Back Mr D

marc said...

well boys you look the biz in those so on trend again big love marc