Monday, 10 June 2013

Nigel’s Poo Is Not Looking Too Healthy

Nigel's PooNigel’s Poo hasn’t been looking too good for a little while now, and we really don’t think he will get any better if left where he is …. it seems that although he has ample water and sunshine,  the conditions on kitchen windowsill are just not conducive to any further development.
poo worries Darrell decided to take Nigel to one side for a manly talk and suggested that perhaps it would be best if Poo was put somewhere in the garden and allow nature to take it’s course …..
poo in gardenAnd so in the end, without too much of a struggle,  Poo was placed very carefully in a pot by the pond, so that he could watch the fish and where Nigel could see him from his bedroom window …..
looking after pooAt worst he will lose all the hair Nigel strived so hard to propagate and go dry …. at best he could thrive and blossom once more …… only time will tell!


Mr.D said...

He has more hair than me!

Anonymous said...

Bless - keep us up to speed on how Poo comes along - or not. But no matter what he has been loved and that is all we need in life - a bit of love - (The Beatles knew their stuff when they wrote a song or three about All You Need Is ......') JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Poo is looking better in his new spot.....perhaps he wanted to enjoy the great outdoors first hand.....he's still a cutie, hair or no hair.....Dianne

marc said...

great spot for him its all the trend in London for Poo like critters to have a new coat made out of mustard and cress seeds why not give him a bath so he is nice and wet and sprinkle him with some seeds big show biz wave Hugh