Saturday, 15 June 2013

Darrell And Nigel Go Cillit Bang Bombing

Yesterday I said how Darrell was a trifle concerned that dirty signage at strategic points of judging could cost us valuable marks in the Best Kept Village Competition …..
Cillit Bang BombingSo,  rather than fret over it,  Darrell decided to take action and “do his bit”,  aided and abetted by Nigel ….. on a covert Cillit Bang Bombing mission!!!
Cillit Bang CleanerNigel,  as per Darrell’s instructions,  gave the sign a robust squirting of the aforementioned Cillit Bang ….
Cillit Bang cleaner.…. after which Darrell brought up the rear with a very liberal dose of elbow grease …… whilst pondering where the name “Cillit Bang” had come from ….. and whether we should consider doing a regular cleaning product review!  What is he like?
Cillit Bang Household Cleaner..….. while Nigel wondered about Barry Scott …. and why he always speaks so loud in the adverts!
cillit-bang-barry-scottCillit Bang Household cleaner
Anyway …. many hands make light work.
The Parade Bilbrook….. and the sign was soon gleaming …
cleaning with Cillit BangWell done Darrell and Nigel …. perhaps a new craze has been born  …. Cillit Bang Bombing ….. with Barry Manilow Took Cryer  Scott as its president!!!


Anonymous said...

Marvellous boys - you might be called upon by the council now to do a little more cillit banging! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

That stuff really works! Have you thought of offering that Cillit Bang company your personal recommendation and being willing to appear in their commercials?? Never know....your cleaning reviews could open a whole new area of possibilities always tell it like it is thus ensuring your review integrity...Dianne

Mr.D said...

Very silly name for a cleaning product but job well done.

marc said...

great review some one needs to show the Cillit Bang men your post it done a wonderful job on that road side grime its like new and Nigel's first step on the builders path to fame big love marc