Saturday, 8 June 2013

Nigel Digs Diggers and Giant Drillers!

We don’t ever think Nigel will really leave Cook …. but the path that beats to our new orifice holds much romance for the little fella at the moment,  in the guise of mahoosive and robustly noisy machines of a very manly type nature ….
023….. that Nigel totally in their thrall!
036…… His usual due diligent punctuality has gone totally down the shoot, as Darrell can attest as he has taken to watching Nigel dawdle on over to us at break and home time ….
watching diggers….. stopping every few steps to peer through railings and bars!
027You only have to mention the words “hard hat” and “hi vis vest” for Nigel to glaze over completely …… the days of bespoke suits seem like a life time away ….. with Nigel now aspiring to protective overalls and safety boots!
033He dreams of partaking in great steaming mugs of builders tea,  biscuit dunking and ribald banter in the innermost sanctum of the cabins with “the men” ….. which is why Darrell now has to “head him off at the pass” as the entrance to the said cabins is perilously close of our aforementioned orifice …. Copy of 048….. for fear that an inadvertently left key may prove too much of a temptation …..
019…. for mayhem to ensue!


Athyn said...

Don't tell Nigel then that I have just started work on a building site x

Anonymous said...

Ack no - now why does 'builder's bum' - comes to mind when I read of these antics? Hmmmm.........JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

Health and safety would have a field day - best keep a close eye on Nigel.
Make sure his new fashion style does not include builder's bum.

Anonymous said...

Nigel isn't the first to have their head turned, and heart captured by all that big equipment and glamorous orange vests, yellow hard hats, and heavy duty much fun, all that building up and tearing down!... enjoy your dream of being part of the crew, dear tsapolNigel.....Dianne

marc said...

it will be a white van next don't go down that path stay true to your heart of style big show biz wave Hugh