Friday, 7 June 2013

To Quote The Song “Moving On Up”

Yesterday was a mahooosively exciting day for me and Darrell, not only was it our first day back at work after the Whitsun break but it was also our last day in the Departmental Assistants Office which is/was situated in the old part of the school.
resources end of an era002
We had been given an allotted allocation of big purple crates and sticky labels and advised to pare down wherever possible ……. and to label EVERYTHING that was too big to fit into the aforementioned big purple crates ….. amongst which was, most importantly, Darrell’s shredder, the main tool for his work as Confidential Document Shredder Operative!
This was the final push for our much anticipated and awaited incantation decantation” to our new office  - D5 in the “demountables”  …… which is “posh planners speak” for moving us to the temporary offices/classrooms now positioned over on the tennis courts – which we have now affectionately christened “Cabin City”
Packing Upvacumming drawers
There had been much debate, at times heated,  as to whether we should have a “Demounting Party” before we left, but as there was an awful lot of demounting going on in other offices as well as ours, we decided that we should have an “Demountable Warming Party” when we happily and firmly ensconced in our new workspace (below)
024We feel that robustly exciting times lie ahead for us….. and we will bring you regular updates as we begin to bed in ….. especially as we need to show you why Nigel loves our office so much ….. which might even lead him to consider leaving his beloved Cook and kitchen !!!!


Anonymous said...

Sooo much excitement...soooo many possibilities to look forward to.....posh planners speak can be a little confusing.....Nigel leave Cook??? what would it take?? Curiosity running high with that possibility!!...Dianne

Anonymous said...

Exciting times! JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

What a day. I hope you get lots of visitors in your new office.