Thursday, 27 June 2013

Oh Nigel!

Poor Nigel,  I found him poring over the dictionary in a complete state of flux saying that he had “discovered” a new word that wasn’t in it …but because it wasn’t in the dictionary,  he didn’t have a clue what it meant!!!!!
Look it up in the dictionaryWhen I asked him what the word was he said “urniture”!  He said he had seen it on a wall on his way to work and it had aroused his word curiosity.
I hated to be the one to burst Nigel’s bubble ….but I know the wall, it’s the entrance to an antique restorers  …. and as gently as I could,  I had to tell him that he wasn’t the intrepid discoverer of a new word after all,   the word should have been “furniture” …. but the “F” had dropped off, what is he like!


Mr.D said...

Also "antiques" has lost its anti. All very confusing for a young monkey.

Anonymous said...

Bummer!! Nigel has a true enquiring mind...sometimes his quests may be impossible dreams, but it would be a loss for everyone if gave up being an intrepid explorer and discoverer.....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Bet Nigel is a whizz at 'I Spy with my Little Eye...' in the back of the car on the way to a holiday. He'll miss nothing! JantheFan x