Sunday, 16 June 2013

A Pattern Emerging

Heaven help us ….. 
romance of road signs…… not only is there building going on at our place of work ….. there is also a robust programme of road works going on up the road from Castle Greysquirrel which Nigel has to pass every morning ……
Site Safety SignsNot only does he spend ages reading ALL the signs aloud and sighing in a  most alarming infatuated type manner…..
worksite canteen (2)BUT ….. whereas he hasn’t found out (yet) where the workers canteen is at our place …… it’s blatantly obvious where the canteen is up the road …….
worksite canteen….. because (unfortunatley for us) it’s very well signed ….
canteen on worksite….. I can only fear the worst when Nigel starts asking where he can get a metal mug from and if we have an old ice cream box he can have …. I’ve heard about “packing your trunk for the circus” …… but not for the road works!


Mr.D said...

Has he started loosening his belt a hole or two? Watch out for BB and wolf whistles.

marc said...

LOL AT MR D just think your self's lucky its not winter he might be asking to wear tights under his trousers like a lot of builders do lol a mug and a ice cream sandwich box how builder is that big love marc

Mr.D said...

Thank you Marc. Tights or even pyjamas to keep warm.

Anonymous said...

Nigel is certainly entranced with a builder's world and life.... so much to turn a young fella's head !! Will he soon be singing "It's a builder's life for me"?.....Dianne