Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Put It Back Nigel!

It is taking us all our time to stop Nigel from bringing every single hub cap he finds on his way to work or on his way back home …..
hub capSo far this week we have had to make him take and put back five in exactly the same place as he has found them ….. what do we do with him?  We need to find him a sensible “something” to collect!


Mr.D said...

Is he able to return those things you found in the shed?

Anonymous said...

Give Nigel a little/medium tin box and allow him only to collect items which fit in the box.
His own little treasure box. Simples.
JantheFan x

marc said...

Great idea Jan the Fan that should keep him busy big love marc

Anonymous said...

So difficult when your enthusiasm is curbed......Nigel does have a talent for finding treasures...poor Nigel, he is being unmercifully tempted by these goodies...... perhaps some troublemakers told him they fell off the back of a lorry...Dianne

Anonymous said...

They do as one funky erasers these days why not try collecting them Nigel? X Emma x